Why counter offers are a no-no

12 Aug, 2022

Counter offers are a bad idea.

In South Africa, and the world in general, there is not only just a huge skills shortage, but also for good calibre candidates in terms of attitude and work ethic. Employers will find it very difficult to let a good employee go without an effort to retain the candidate either through a salary increase or promises of a better outlook and opportunities within the company. If your employer is promising you the moon and the stars after tending your resignation, consider the following before deciding to stay:
  • Where is the money for the new salary they are promising you, coming from? All companies have salary budgets and brackets. Where is the money coming from? Is it merely your next increase offered early? A planned annual bonus being redistributed towards your monthly salary? Hmmm... ponder this one.
  • Loyalty? They know you are unhappy now, and they know you will probably keep looking or that you are in the least open to other great opportunities. Your loyalty will now be in question. This will affect the conversations around you when performance management, increases and promotions are due.
  • Same issues, different day: The grievances you had before causing you to look for another job, will most probably repeat themselves.
  • Your worth: If you are truly worth the new salary to them, why are they only offering it when you want to leave? That's something to ponder from an employee wellness perspective as well as the company's culture and morality of the leaders.
  • The outlook isn't positive: Statistics show that if you accept a counter offer, the probability of voluntarily leaving in 6 months or being let go within 1 year is extremely high.

So carefully think it through before accepting a counter offer, and then go get that job!

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