5 things that will cost you the job, even if you can do the job

22 Sep, 2022

It's not about what you know, it's about how you behave... Here are 5 points that will actually cost you the job, even if you can do the job perfectly.

  1. Lying: Basically, if you are caught lying, you WILL NOT get that job. If you get the job and your lie is exposed after the fact, you will be let go. The truth will set you free in one way or another, however I'm quite sure it's not freedom from job security that anyone has in mind.
  2. Appearing disinterested or full of yourself: People are busy and don't have time to waste on someone who isn't genuinely interested in the opportunity or so full of themselves that they can't give the interview the attention it deserves. Show respect and show them you're interested in their opportunity by being attentive and responsive during the interview. And if you're genuinely not interested in the opportunity, let the company know upfront so you're not wasting anyone's time.
  3. Arriving Late: Remember that the interviewers usually don't know you from a bar of soap, so arriving late creates a terrible first impression and instead of being blown away by you they will keep wondering if you are always going to be late for work. If you are running late for an interview, it's imperative that you call and let the organization know as soon as you realize. If you genuinely have a good excuse, like getting a flat tire, you'll likely be given some grace and can either show up late or reschedule for a different day. 
  4. Ungroomed and sloppy: No one likes to sit across from someone dirty, smelly or unhygienic. When someone shows up to the interview with poor hygiene or grooming or looking overall unkempt, the chance of a follow-up interview is slim, even if it's for a remote position! Remember, they will always assess if you are a good representation of the company and the brand, and whether or not you will fit into the company culture.
  5. Trash Talking your previous employer: Hiring managers or recruiters become concerned when you badmouth a current or former employer and likely won't want you on their team if you do. For one, it will make them wonder what you might say about them. Second, it shows poor judgment on your part.

So, don't do these, and then go get that job!

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